Steam Punk Organ

For you delectation and delight!

A boon for every music room!!

The Steam Punk Organ is a musical instrument which is made from:-

The Hardware

  • Infra-red Distance Sensors
  • Potentiometers for the dials
  • Micro Servos
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Arduino
  • A reused Computer with a Free Software operating system
  • Laser Cut MDF & Humbrol Paint

The Resources

  • Creative Commons sound samples from FreeSound
  • Audacity to re pitch the samples
  • Python and Arduino Free Sofware programming languages
  • Pygame, python-firmata and firmata libraries

The Code

It was originally put together for lovebytes as the “Magnificent Interactive Electromagnetic Spectrum Organ”.

The bug list etc. is at


The sounds are all from the freesound project and are licensed under Creative Commons CA so we can use them

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